Jens Oliver Meiert

On Web Development

Buch vom 30. Juni 2015.

Tausend Jahre, in Buchform.

Format Kindle-E-Book (kostenlos: App für Android und iOS)
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Extras Vorwort von Tony Ruscoe
26 Abbildungen
Seitenzahl 291
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0991148011


On Web Development bundles 134 articles and the last 11 years of technical writings by Jens Oliver Meiert ( Freshly reordered and commented, the articles cover processes and maintenance, HTML and CSS, standards, as well as development and design in general; they range from coding basics and principles, to carefully scathing criticism, to tips and tricks and trivia.

Über den Autor

Gemäß Klappentext; beachten Sie gegebenenfalls aktuellere Angaben über Jens Oliver Meiert:

Technical lead at Google, author for O’Reilly, specification contributor at the W3C. Reset style sheet co-inventor—then wild opponent—, framework and library critic, code purist. These are some keywords that describe Jens Oliver Meiert. Jens’s approach to web development is about one thing: quality, tailored to the tasks at hand. His writings, at times provocative, a little haphazard, reflect that as his understanding of good code. Sometimes there is nothing more to say.

❧ Am Buch wirkte außerdem Sarah M. Tyrrell (Lektorin) mit.

Cover: On Web Development.
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