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Published on August 8, 2016 (↻ May 29, 2018), filed under (RSS feed for all categories).

Establishing a three-, four-, or five-monthly series, here are ten more of my photographic favorites as of late. Of my own works, sure; if it was public what one liked on EyeEm I’d happily disclose which 4.200 photos of fellow photographers I’ve so far appreciated, too. Or appreciated even more. But this is my own forum, and so I’ll share with you what I’ve enjoyed publishing on EyeEm (and selling on Getty).

At the American Museum of Natural History III. · New York City New York USA Manhattan museum history display exhibition Taking a break pause Enjoying the View Pondering view from behind Becoming Art light and shadow Darkness &c. pp.

Figure: At New York City’s American Museum of Natural History.

New York. · New York City New York ❤ NYC USA Manhattan New York at night Cityscape Skyline urban landscape Architecture city design Traffic city lights Night Lights Night Photography night Darkness &c. pp.

Figure: Streets of Manhattan.

(One photo removed.)

walking down the manhattan bridge. · New York City New York New York ❤ NYC USA bridge Architecture steel Lines diagonals Perspective horizon infinity light and shadow urban landscape The Purist (no edit, no filter)

Figure: Manhattan Bridge.

Cheering up the team. · Bremen germany Weserstadion Werder Bremen Werder fans SUPPORT half time Stadium football stadium Fussball Football Real Football soccer Atmosphere euphoria against the sun

Figure: Supporting Werder Bremen.

friend in the sunset. · Berlin germany 030 metro station train station Against the light light and shadow Silhouette Silhouettes darkness and light Architecture Metal beams simplicity Urban geometry

Figure: Kilian.

Pink blue purple sky. · Hamburg germany 040 Hamburg meine Perle sunset evening sky Evening beauty Colors urban landscape

Figure: Evening sky, somewhere over Hamburg.

Winter Tristesse. · Hamburg germany 040 From the archives Architecture buildings corners Naked Trees tree crowns Gray Sky melancholy

Figure: Tristesse, somewhere in Hamburg.

Waiting at the biergarten. · Munich München germany Augustiner August beer garden benches many benches Benches all around bench paradise summer Early Bird The Purist (no edit, no filter)

Figure: Ingo.

residential building behind poplars. · Munich München germany buildings Architecture urban landscape poplar Trees trees and sky tree crowns dusk nightfall blue Light apartment lights

Figure: The day is setting, somewhere in Munich.

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