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January 2007

QA: On Errors, and Why Paying for Errors Pays Off

A pseudo-scientific approach that is intended to improve websites and services, and which is applicable almost anywhere.

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1 + 1 = 3: Explaining Busyness and Background Noise on Websites

“1 + 1 = 3 (or more)” is an important design effect described by Josef Albers and Edward Tufte. It means that two elements in close proximity cause a visible interaction…

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Web Design: 15 Important Research Findings You Should Know

A small selection of web design, usability, and accessibility related results of research, most of them derived from Human Factors International. Some of them are relatively known, while others may enrich our professional self-understanding…

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Internet Explorer Filter or Hack Using Character Escapes

Searching for a valid and “safe” way to circumnavigate some nasty problems in Internet Explorer I discovered this filter that does not work in any version of IE (including IE 7)…

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Evangelists, Focus on Standard Ad Code

On the quality of online ad code. And what has to be done.

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“nofollow” Still Considered Harmful

Needs to be said again, as it will take some time until I write about this very site’s design considerations (which included a blink of an eye thinking about using it): nofollow is crap.

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