Jens Oliver Meiert

February 2007

HTML: Semantics of “title” Element Content

I already proposed that in October 2005, and I see the need for bringing it up again: It would be useful to allow other elements within the title of an HTML document. Why? You otherwise cannot denote abbreviations and stuff, the meaning gets lost…

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Comment Game: 100 Dollars for Comment #100

I want to play a game.

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Print Style Sheets: The Basics (for No Excuses)

There are no excuses for not having at least a simple print style sheet. Period. And if you’re already on the web standards track, things are dead simple.

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Weird Weekend Without Happy End: Eggebek, Flensburg, Denmark, and Bremen

To be a bit more transparent to my valued readers: Here’s a brief account of a not quite optimal weekend of mine. Having taken a day off on Friday, I spontaneously decided to take my car…

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Word Division: On “word-break”, Soft Hyphens, and Zero Width Spaces

Word breaks and hyphenation are sometimes a problem when it comes to little available space but long words: The longer the word and the less space available, the more a layout is “in danger.” English appears to be less affected than other languages…

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Why “Conditional Comments” Are Bad, Repeat: Bad

“Conditional Comments” (CC) are an inadvisable thing to use. In fact, they contradict the goal to separate structure from presentation, and they will outrun you one day. But first things first. For those (happy) developers who don’t know what…

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