Jens Oliver Meiert

May 2015

Modern Politics and the T-Word

There’s a word for the politics of Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, Stephen Harper, &c. It’s not neoliberalism. No, not economic imperialism. It has nothing to do with counter-terrorism, either. It’s—

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Germany, America: On Standing By When Your Country Is Murdering People

In Germany, there’s a recurring question about our past. “Why didn’t they do anything?” And we speculate why so many Germans appear to have stood by and looked on when the regime, other Germans killed millions of people…

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Web Standards: We’re F’ing It Up

It’s a problem to just change specs. But it’s an increasingly bigger problem not to clean and prune them. The intimidating complexity of web standard specs should precisely be a motivation, not a threat, to come up with a plan. It follows the populist version.

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A Vision of Web Development

There is one thing every web developer should aspire to: writing the most minimal, semantically appropriate, valid HTML, and then never changing it. “Never” not in a sense of denial and refusal, but in the sense of a guiding light…

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Loving Technology

I love the idea of caring, of loving technology. I believe we need technology that is loving. I think we have ample possibilities to envision and build technology that is loving. Here I’ll be brief and merely bring up the concept.

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Business Practices, Reframed

Ideas for the next performance review.

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A Comment on Governmental Brazenness

It has become instructive to follow how brazenly our governments misrepresent or ignore our interests, to faithfully serve the true ruling class of banks and corporations. Liberation tribunals would have field days jailing government officials for treason…

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