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Are You a Gentleman?

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Values are on my mind quite much of the time, as our only possession; but writing about values, I don’t quite get to yet. A question, however, shall point into that direction, and this question is related to values as much as character:

Are you a gentleman?

And I ask this question, ask you this question suddenly and without expecting an answer; I ask you this question in full faith that you can parse it even if you identify with any other gender; and I ask you this question in full knowledge of the fact that we may connect very different attributes—but hopefully the relevant ones at the core—of what constitutes a, gentleman.

Do I think I am a gentleman?

Yes, I do (I much hope I am). I may not always deliver, but indeed: I work on my character; I cultivate and cherish my manners and my values; my word is worth something; I allow for the idea of error in my own judgment and in that of others; I realize that there are some—and I nurture those—attributes of gentleman-liness that serve our societies and our being together quite greatly, whether that be respect and courtesy, or politeness, or kindness, or the genuine intent to work together and be there for one another.

It seems to me that we cannot have too many, in fact need more gentlemen; and this certainly applies to all people, for kind gentle-women, and kind gentle-genderqueers, we probably cannot have too many, either.

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