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What’s easiest to take advantage of and exploit?

Natural resources. They’re just there, defenseless, and can be extracted as the terrain allows it. (Even better when they regenerate.)

What’s next easiest?

Animals. Many can’t defend themselves, either, can’t talk, seem inferior, and can be captured, held in captivity, and force-reproduced, used, and killed with little to no limitations.

What’s next?

Dependent people. People whose basic needs aren’t met and people in precarious living situations are easy to extract labor from, while everyone’s less elastic needs and desires make it easier to extract wealth.

How can control over resources, animals, and people be justified, secured, and extended?

By the concept of property. If we didn’t allow natural resources to be owned, if we didn’t allow for animals to be owned, if we didn’t allow anything to be owned, it would seem hard to exploit anyone or anything, because without ownership, there can hardly be justification for exploitation. Exploitation would be easier to challenge, transform, or stop.

❧ What’s the alternative? I’m not sure if this has been answered (this is my personal site, where I reserve the right to be ignorant—and appreciate being corrected). If I was to attempt an answer, the insight that our own well-being is linked to everyone’s well-being as well as the notion of revokable stewardship look relevant and important.

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