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Based on prevailing thinking all we, as human beings, have are externalities *.

We have a body, and that makes our primary physical appearance, an externality.

We do modify or enhance our body through clothes, makeup, accessories, tattoos, surgery, forming a secondary physical appearance, an externality.

There are our actions and behavior, externalities.

There are our words, what we speak, externalities.

Everything we perceive are, externalities.

Everything around us, externalities.

Our reality, externalities.

Robin: “It’s the inside that—” Batman: “Enough!”

Figure: Reality check.

Yet we think, we dream, we imagine, we fantasize, we visualize, we feel, and so we know there are, internalities.

And hence there is either a fundamental disconnect with how we work with this reality, or we fundamentally misunderstand it.

Perhaps we get another glimpse at how science alone is not enough. For science, everything is externalities, and in its blind rage anything else just hocus pocus.

(Yes, this is an argument against physicalism and materialism. There’s more than one reality.)

* In the lexical, not the economic sense.

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