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Germany, America: On Standing By When Your Country Is Murdering People

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As you read this post note that I’ve lived in and care about the United States. I’m critical of other countries, including my home country, too. I believe in peace, not violence.

In Germany, there’s a recurring question about our past. “Why didn’t they do anything?”

And we speculate why so many Germans appear to have stood by and looked on when the regime, other Germans killed millions of people, Jews and Russians and Poles and Romani and Slovenes and disabled and homosexuals and, no end.

And eventually we conclude we can’t fully answer the question because we haven’t been there.

We comfort ourselves that we would have done something. We would have done something to stop the murdering.

And no matter whether that’s true, whether we would have actually stopped—been able to stop—our regime from these crimes, the United States remind me of that past Germany of terror and horror.

The changing U.S. regimes are murdering and murdering and murdering *, and nobody does anything.

Nobody does, anything .

Just as nobody does anything about the spying, or about the torturing, or about the raping, or about the looting, nobody does anything about murdering even when that murdering has long reached genocidal dimensions.

And while the German generations living now can say, we weren’t there, we have nothing to do with all these crimes, the current American ones  can’t say that.

And I wonder what the American people are going to comfort themselves with.

(Are we all so helpless? Is this all we can do?)

* Yes, I consider the invasion of other countries, the deployment of “boots on the ground,” the practice of extra-judicial (plain English: illegal) drone strikes, the parlance of “collateral damage” (plain English: the killing of innocent people), all this playing with life: murder.

Signing a petition isn’t doing anything, no.

Sadly, “of course,” other nations also have blood on their hands, keeping on murdering through these so civilized times. We have to stop.

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