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As I write about diverse subjects, it’s occasionally tricky to avoid too great of a contrast. For an easier transition between posts I may employ little interludes (last in September 2014).

Random personal disclosures shall make such interludes a little more palatable: Among the books I read lately, Le Bon’s The Crowd, Gunther’s The Luck Factor, and Sennett’s Authority stood out (I document books I favor in my Goodreads stream). Elsewhere, I shared how I find post-its good for low tech privacy. I’ve been quite active on EyeEm, as usual, but only recently revived Animated Traffic. My club is facing a tough time this season. If I was American, I’d vote Bernie Sanders (Clinton will bring turmoil in an organized, Trump in a disorganized fashion). I haven’t cooked many rolexes lately.

That’s all, talk soon.

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Jens Oliver Meiert, on September 27, 2019.

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