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The Two Legs of Personal Reality

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Just as in physical reality, we can be said to have two legs in psychical reality:

  1. Accepting ourselves as we are.
  2. Learning and growing as much as we can.

Just as in physical reality, these legs help us stand and move, and they both want to be used. The one who is only accepting himself but not making an effort to learn will move as slowly and lose balance as easily as the one who is learning all the time but can’t get to grips with herself.

The metaphor is simple, and yet right at the core of our personal realities.

The tension between resting (accepting) and moving (changing and learning) comes from a contradiction (more soon) that reminds us of the creative dilemma. Alas, no one seems to have the pieces together for a complete model of our realities, and so we’ll for now jump from piece to piece to see what’s of use.

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