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On Feminism

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I believe that we should all, no matter the gender or orientation, have equal rights and responsibilities. Where that’s possible, for there are differences that may not allow identical rights and responsibilities.

I also believe that we should all watch out and care for each other.

And I believe that on the one hand, we need firm rules, governing what is absolutely not acceptable (like killing), and then, on the other, ample room to allow for creativity, experimentation, and—mistakes.

From my view feminism, just like masculinism (chauvinism I should say, but that used to mean nationalism), violates all of these beliefs.

Feminism appears to advocate special rights for women. Not equal rights for all—special rights for women.

Feminism appears to only watch out for itself. Do good to women.

Feminism appears to only know draconian harshness. It comes off as feminine oppression trying to seek revenge for masculine oppression. There appears to be no love in feminism; as it’s commonly portrayed, feminism looks increasingly unfeminine, hateful instead.

And so I think that in a modern society, there’s no room for feminism. Not just little room—no room. Just as there’s no room for masculinism. (Note that we still want to embrace femininity and masculinity, and everything in between.)

Though it should still (always) be possible for us to playfully, not forcefully, tease or at times even offend each other, we should appreciate another, and strive to be respectful and good to each other.

Because only then, through appreciation and respect, but also playfulness and forgiveness, do we ever get to true equality. Equality that is robust. Equality that is sane. And not something that so clearly is nothing better than what we already had, and had hated.


Women have no idea how much men love them.

Nicole Daedone.

Alternate Ending

It just doesn’t work. The feminists who claim they come for equality are like the soldiers who shout they come for peace. It’s a contradiction; it’s nonsense. Peace cannot come from who feed off war, and only we all together can accomplish equal rights and responsibilities. And so just as there’s no room for soldiers in the world that we want, nor for masculinists, there’s none for feminists. We must put all those arms down.

Update (June 3, 2015)

Because this is an important, non-trivial topic and because some people asked for clarification, I rephrase the concerns as follows:

We people are, though different, equals. I agree with that of feminism’s positions, and a few more. But I disagree with how the feminism movement tries to achieve their goals, and how it markets them. “Feminism” may want to represent equality, but it cannot. By its name it only speaks and stands for women. And how focus on one gender doesn’t work for equality, we just saw with men.

I think most of us are on the same page—we want equality, equality that does justice to our differences. With that I’d like to close.

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