The 9 HTML Elements That Have an Attribute of the Same Name, or: The 9 Attributes That Have an Element of the Same Name

Published on November 20, 2023, filed under (RSS feed).

There are nine HTML elements that have an attribute of the same name:

  1. abbr—and abbr attribute
  2. cite—and cite attribute
  3. data—and data attribute
  4. form—and form attribute
  5. label—and label attribute
  6. slot—and slot attribute
  7. span—and span attribute
  8. style—and style attribute
  9. title—and title attribute

(Nine! Before I dug into this, I would have bet there were fewer such pairings.)

That’s it—though if you’re into HTML factoids like this one, well, that makes us two! I ask about and share things like this in my little HTML quiz series on Mastodon—a series I’m turning into an HTML course. If you’re interested, follow along or get notified!

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