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Static Site Tricks: Social Network Propagation with IFTTT

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Automation is critical for work efficiency and productivity. It is a keyword and a priority for every tech manager. It is, beside quality control, also one of my own top priorities.

As such a priority it makes sense to dedicate a comprehensive article or even a book to the matter. (My upcoming book on CSS optimization contains a little chapter about it. Follow me for updates?) However, running a few intentionally static sites I just wanted to (re)share a quick trick that these days, more and more of us pull out when they are in this situation:

Use IFTTT for simple automation and site functionality enhancements.

My favorites: automatically using feed data (easy to set up with Grow, which is the site generator of my choice) to push to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The recipes I regard most useful? Here they are.

And this is how you can start an article strong and end it weak 😬 Juicier stuff is coming up promptly.

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