The Essence of Veganism

Published on June 30, 2024 (↻ July 11, 2024), filed under (RSS feed for all categories).

Here’s what veganism boils down to (to me):

Veganism is about no one having to suffer or die for us.

Pretty much any other diet, life style, or life philosophy implies and insists on exactly that—that other living beings have to suffer or die, for our consumption, comfort, or pleasure.

Even though people may not mean ill, even though often, they’re quite caring, anyone asking for a steak, a cheese sandwich, a fur coat, a leather suitcase, a pet—are asking for someone to suffer or die for them. *

That’s the difference with veganism. A vegan acts on the awareness of the implications and consequences of such demands, and makes different choices. That may reflect better who we all are, namely not as cruel as to (repeatedly, even constantly) asking for others to suffer or die for them.

If you’re a vegan developer, tech lead, or manager, too, you might like to join Vegan Web Developers.

* “A pet,” one may ask, “what if it has it good or better with me?” If it’s hard to connect with another species, it may be easier to connect with ours: People have enslaved people, and we’ve moved past slavery even though certainly, there were masters with whom slaves were better off than with others (or so masters said). Being better off not-free is still not the same as being free.

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