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The other week I’ve put in my notice at Miro, where since the beginning of last year, I’ve managed the accessibility team. There’s a career side to the decision, but the personal side is the more interesting one here: Beatriz and I decided to leave Germany; we decided to move to Spain; to Pontevedra, Galicia, to be precise, by the end of March.

A map of Galicia within the context of Spain and Portugal.

Figure: Galicia, within Spain.

My diary on December 3, 2023, captures what kicked off the manifestation of this move:

Woke up, looked at the map, and, together with Beatriz, found Galicia to be the place we want to move to; specifically, Pontevedra.

While this had somewhat been brewing in the background, yes, that was pretty much it—we woke up and decided to move to Galicia.

Have we even been? No, actually not 😂 (Well, I haven’t—Beatriz had at least visited Santiago de Compostela.)

What’s next? We’ve been planning and preparing since December, so many decisions and actions apart from putting in my notice have already been taken care of—with two apartments (I’ve been selling one) and an international move, there has been a lot to organize. But there’s still more to do, and one priority for us is to confirm the house or apartment to move to.

What really is next, then, we both don’t know yet. It’s linked to a few factors, including some other upcoming news ✨ as well as when we’d buy a home. At the moment, everything is on the table, from looking at all-remote management positions (if your company or a company you know is interested, please pass on my CV!), to focusing on my writing and publishing, to starting a new business.

I don’t know yet—and that’s what adds to making this my, and our, next adventure.

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