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The One Belief to Cultivate

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To new readers: I like to use absolutes as a tool, whenever I feel like their utility (applying a formula) outweighs their harm (forgetting that matters are relative).

There’s a particularly important belief, habit, or trait for us to cultivate: that whatever it is we want to be or master, we can learn how to be or master whatever it is we want.

We can learn.

Of the many, many, many beliefs that we have about reality, I consider this a key belief because it gives us a lot of maneuverability. When we’re discontent, unhappy, stuck, in disarray, crisis, emergency, but also preoccupied, confused, simply ready for change, then we can learn how to go where we want to go, at least someplace more beneficial. (We know this from driving! Looking where we want to go is great advice.)

We can learn.

I’ve never met a person who says he or she cannot learn; but I have probably met a good number of people who have forgotten they can—and I’ve occasionally caught myself over not readily recalling this of our facilities, too, when too busy indulging in some dilemma.

We can learn, and though not the only belief (boo), it surely is one of those beliefs we should most carefully harbor and foster and grow and cultivate. Particularly as learning is quite possibly what we’re here for.

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