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Thoughts on #MeToo

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It’s terrible to learn about the transgressions and crimes surfacing with #MeToo; that these transgressions and crimes have happened and are happening is most troubling. We should be treating each other well, at least with respect.

What the debate must remind of is the importance of our countries’ justice systems. If we are a victim of a crime, we should go to the police. We must not forget that street justice, beginning with publicly pointing at others for crimes, is not justice.

What the debate must also remind of is that there are many, many, many good men. No matter our precise conception of “good,” there are many good men just as much as there are many good women. We must not forget about the crass signal #MeToo sends in terms of putting all men, and all the good men, too, under most criminal suspicion.

What the debate must remind of, too, is that we all have a responsibility. To prevent our fellow men—all people—from hurting others; to teach them appropriately; and to then, when we are certain of a crime, involve the authorities. We must not forget about the responsibility we all have, a responsibility based on our values that is just.

#MeToo is relevant because it exposes great injustice. It is important when it itself does so justly.

Update (January 9, 2018)

Cf. « Nous défendons une liberté d’importuner, indispensable à la liberté sexuelle » (English commentary).

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