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When we want certainty, when we want guarantees in our lives, we mistrust. We disbelieve, we mistrust, that our lives would all by themselves develop to our ultimate favor and benefit.

We overlook, furthermore, that there is no certainty, there are no guarantees, and therefore we mistrust, for nothing.

The little attainable certainty, the little attainable stability we are striving for preclude all trust.

We have no chance but to trust, no matter how untrustworthy, how untrustable our reality may appear like.

We must trust.

And trust may be all we need.

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Jens Oliver Meiert, photo on Google+.

Jens Oliver Meiert is an author and developer (O’Reilly, W3C, ex-Google). He plays with philosophy, art, and adventure. Here on he shares and generalizes and exaggerates some of his thoughts and experiences.

There’s more Jens in the archives and at Goodreads. If you have any questions or concerns (or recommendations) about what he writes, leave a comment or a message.

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“The end does not justify the means.”