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Upgrade Your HTML II

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Upgrade Your HTML meant the start of a little book series, and today marks the release of: Upgrade Your HTML II 🚀

If you care about HTML as a craft, if you consider yourself an HTML minimalist, if you believe in pushing for boundaries (and sometimes overdoing it), then this is a right book (and a right book series) for you—with 10 new examples from the field that get inspected and improved.

Format and Price Ebook (EPUB, MOBI, PDF), $4.99 (flexible price)
Kindle ebook (free app for Android and iOS), $3.99
Extras Foreword by Manuel Matuzović
Preview Selected chapters (PDF, 287 KB)
Length 31 pages (PDF)
Language English
All suppliers Amazon
Google Play Books

Great primer and a good read.

…say readers at SitePoint.

This book is part of a series: Also see Upgrade Your HTML.


The cover of “Upgrade Your HTML II.”

Upgrade Your HTML is the book series for HTML craftspeople and minimalists.

In Upgrade Your HTML II, HTML and CSS optimizer Jens Oliver Meiert takes 10 additional HTML examples from real websites to review and condense the respective markup.

Keep document structures simpler, use semantically more appropriate markup, write less HTML, question certain techniques, deal more intelligently with third-party code—there are many ways to improve HTML code.

“While his approach is radical in some cases, the message counts: analyze, scrutinize, optimize.”—Manuel Matuzović (HTMHell)

👉 This is the book if you enjoy the intricacies of working with HTML.

The outline:

  • Foreword
  • Intro
  • Cut the Fat
  • Mark Titles of Works Correctly
  • Review and Improve Third-Party Code
  • Keep It Simple
  • Use Lists
  • Skip type
  • Work Your Way Up
  • Know the Past, Know the Future
  • Ignore AMP
  • Avoid Prefetching and Prerendering Everything
  • Outro
  • Feedback
  • About the Author

All ebook formats, with updates, at Leanpub.

❧ It was a great pleasure to work with special guest Manuel Matuzović, who reviewed the manuscript and contributed the foreword, and I’m likewise indebted to Gabriele Kretzschmar, who helped reviewing and editing. Thank you.

Enjoy the new part of the series: Upgrade Your HTML II!

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