My Year in Activities, 2014

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At the end of every year I’m recollecting new things I’ve done and new places I’ve seen. (I also set time aside to review goals and look at each year’s photos and such, for that really keeps years from flying by.)

Here’s what I tried in 2014.

  1. Having a shower in a waterfall (actually in 2013 but I forgot to list it back then)
  2. Riding a glass-bottom boat
  3. Swimming in the Dead Sea
  4. Going on (photo) safari
  5. Riding boda-bodas (Ugandan moto-taxis)
  6. Having a Turkish bath (hamam)
  7. Getting snowmobile training and certification (online)
  8. Riding an elephant
  9. (Having a Thai massage)
  10. Visiting Disneyland
  11. Visiting a fish spa
  12. Going through coffee art training
  13. Getting offroad safety training and certification (online)

Why is this list so short and flimsy? Because I’ve instead been traveling, excessively. You’ll see what I mean momentarily.

Jens rocks a boat.

Figure: Steering a glass-bottom boat for the duration of four photos.

Next year, following the one and a half year travel transition stage, will not simply mean a fallback to my old life; I’m moving continents and changing careers. But I’ll stay open, and still have an eye on a sequel to 100 Things I Learned as an Everyday Adventurer. In other words, expect more activities to be explored in 2015. But while I slack off here, please share what you’ve experimented with, too!

This is the last post of this series. Life should not be a contest, and I personally feel safe enough now to not present all my compulsions like this. This exempts, however, exploring less superficial and more useful formats as with a sequel to 100 Things, or a book about my 2013–2015 journey.

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