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Advertising on is a medium-size quality website mostly about web design and development, mostly geared towards English speakers.

Metrics and Plans

The following are recent data and six month averages for and social channels. At peak times, as with “slashdotted” articles, page views may go up to several thousand a day, and have Alexa and other site rank among the top 400,000 sites world-wide.

The vision for is roughly as follows:

Advertising Options

1. Sponsor Social Content

You can pass on your message to’s Twitter and Google+ followers, for 25 U.S. dollars per double-post. There’s only one such post per week and it’s marked “Sponsored”. Contact me to coordinate timing, message, and payment.

2. Become a Category Sponsor

You can sponsor one of the categories (including the non-tech ones) for 100 U.S. dollars per month. This sponsorship includes a horizontal banner concluding all category pages and a note on all respective posts. Contact me for more information.

3. Become an Exclusive Site Sponsor

You can become an exclusive site sponsor for 250 U.S. dollars per month. “Exclusive” means that no other sponsors or advertising are shown (except for O’Reilly and Amazon affiliate links), and the sponsorship includes a logo on each page (location to be determined) along with a line, “In partnership with”. Existing ads will be removed with the start of the exclusive sponsorship, and other forms of sponsorship will be stopped once respective sponsors stop payment. Contact me for more information and alternative forms of site sponsorship.


I like to trust and I do enter these advertising agreements on a trust basis, too. There are only few things to note, then.

The advertising materials must be roughly related to’s topics and audience; they should be of use and must not be unethical, let alone illegal. I reserve the right to reject and remove advertising that I find objectionable.

Each party can cancel the agreement at any time, active any time (but granting sufficient time to take down the materials). If the advertiser cancels, there’s a pro-rated refund. If I as the site owner cancel, there’s no refund if the reasons pertain to the sponsor or advertising matter, but there’s a pro-rated refund again if it happens for reasons unrelated to the advertising materials or to site maintenance.

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