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Apply to become a fellow! fellows are individuals and companies who are interested in similar topics and stand for similar values as I do and who want to contribute to this website’s upkeep, with their investment helping both directly (hosting and marketing) and indirectly (extra motivation).

A fellowship is exclusive, that is there’s only one fellow a month. A fellowship goes by calendar month, for a monthly rate of $100.

Fellowship benefits include:

  1. Brief fellow introduction in first blog post of the month (with each post attracting up to 2,000 monthly unique page views).

  2. Dedicated mention in respective feeds (to more than 1,000 subscribers).

  3. Dedicated mention on Twitter and Google+ (to more than 8,000 followers combined).

Contact Jens to apply and to check on special conditions.

Become a Fellow

Become a Fellow

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Last update: June 21, 2016.

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