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Jens Oliver Meiert on philosophy, adventure, arts, and quality web development. Sometimes based on temper and to provoke, usually on thinking and to share.

It’s Not Too Late

…to contribute to good causes.

Post from February 5, 2016, reflecting Jens the .

Stream Theory

Not just since the Law of Attraction is there this idea of “like attracts like,” of self-fulfilling prophecies, of better being “careful” what we wish for. There’s another concept that I do like to work with though, in another thought experiment.

Post from January 31, 2016, reflecting Jens the .


We must.

Post from January 22, 2016, reflecting Jens the .


No violence.

Post from January 22, 2016, reflecting Jens the .

Coding Guidelines, the Gist

What’s not to ♥ about coding standards.

Post from January 13, 2016, reflecting Jens the .

The Law of Maintainability

One cannot not maintain. This is an important axiom to understand, critical even when we recognize how little understanding and prioritization this topic enjoys in our industry…

Post from January 6, 2016, reflecting Jens the .

Endless Peace

Amidst all the wars we never wanted but our governments and industries wage and participate in regardless of our will, we threaten to lose sight of our goal. That goal, surely, is peace. That goal, clearly, is durable peace. That goal, indeed, is endless peace.

Post from January 1, 2016, reflecting Jens the , or perhaps .

On Truth

The digital world shows how when everything can be forged, nothing can be considered “true.” One of many examples: digital photography. We cannot be sure whether a photo hasn’t been tampered with. We can be sure about very little…

Post from December 31, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

The cover of “The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines.”

New Book: The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines

Out of the blue! My latest book, “The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines,” is now available. It’s a brief introduction into the theory and practice of coding standards. Emphasis, as the title suggests, is on HTML and CSS, and furthermore on Google’s guidelines as examples…

Post from December 14, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

Philosophy Factoids


Post from November 30, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

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Jens Oliver Meiert, photo of April 13, 2013.

Jens Oliver Meiert is a German author, philosopher, adventurer, artist, and developer.

As a philosopher in spe Jens protests for the respect for life but still sharpens his profile through the focused study of philosophy, psychology, social sciences, politics, &c.

As an adventurer Jens explores all conceivable activities (100 Things I Learned as an Everyday Adventurer) and localities (Journey of J.).

As an artist in spe Jens experiments with conventional and animated photography, technical and political curiosities, as well as a teeny bit of performance art.

As a developer Jens is specialized in complex international websites (Google), works on standards (W3C), and writes for technical publishers (O’Reilly, Webdesign mit CSS, The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks and Coding Guidelines; On Web Development).

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