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Jens O. Meiert on web development, adventure, philosophy, and arts. Mostly based on research and experience, sometimes not.

How to Prepare to Travel the World

I’ve written about what I deem important in order to quit and travel the world. One of the points I called out was “Planning and Preparation,” and it’s what I like to explore a bit more here.

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Animated Traffic: My 10 Favorite Travel Photo Animations

Last December I launched Animated Traffic. Animated Traffic is an experiment that allows me to both play with photo animations and document my eternal journey. The material, as of this moment, made for 302 posts covering 4 continents…

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On Web Documents and Web Apps

I’ve just elaborated about research and production code, and why that distinction matters. And I hinted at but put off another distinction: that between web documents and web apps. Pronounced distinction seems important to protect existing document practices…

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All Code Is Not Equal: on Research and Production Code

Web development is at a point at which we need to make more fundamental distinctions. One of them is a more determined one between web documents and web apps, another one is between research and production code…

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Meiert’s Law of Travel

Less known but more useful than Meiert’s Law of Traffic Congestion.

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On Writing

Frankly, on fears.

¶ April 28, 2014, written by Jens the ; 1 comment.

5 Questions Web Developers Always Need Answers For

In web development, just as in other fields, it can easily appear as if there are clear-cut solutions for everything. That’s at least the case for many of us neurotic perfectionists, as our world is built on clear-cut solutions. Alas, there aren’t always, and here are five general questions to consider.

¶ April 9, 2014, written by Jens the ; 2 comments.

The 6 Most Useful Books I’ve Ever Read

I love reading, and over time I’ve been lucky to read many useful, and then a handful quite extraordinary books. Here I like to share my current non-fiction favorites: The Nature of Personal Reality, Getting More, Public Opinion, and three (3!) more.

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On Links and Accessibility

Hyperlinks and the underlying ubiquitous <a> elements are what make the Web. Just a few weeks back, Christian Heilmann wrote a little about why and how links are important; here it’s about accessibility aspects.

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CSS: When to Use Generated Content

Generated content means a special option in CSS to embed content in documents. It’s achieved through the content property. Fast forward, generated content should only be used for non-critical content; there it can be a very sharp instrument.

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Jens O. Meiert, photo of April 13, 2013.

Jens O. Meiert is an expert web developer who’s specialized in large-scale international websites (Google), who works on standards (W3C), and who writes for technical publications (O’Reilly, Webdesign mit CSS).

Jens is an adventurer who tries every activity (100 Things I Learned as an Everyday Adventurer) and who’s an experienced traveler (currently traveling the world).

Jens is a hobbyist philosopher who has studied hundreds of works about philosophy, psychology, social sciences, &c. And he’s a hobbyist artist who experiments with animated photography, technical curiosities, and performance art.

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