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Jens Oliver Meiert on philosophy, adventure, arts, and web development. Sometimes based on temper and to provoke, usually on thinking and to share.

Analytics: Only When We Use It

Here’s something so obvious, it isn’t anymore. Which is: We should only use analytics software when we actually use it. Not when we think we could might want to need it. And not when we only glance at it…

Post from July 27, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

The cover of “On Web Development.”

New Book: On Web Development

I wrote another book. On Web Development. On Web Development is an e-book that collects most articles about web development (and web design) that I wrote between 2005 and 2015. Most articles as in most useful, most important, and also most controversial…

Post from July 1, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

On Traveling the World Solo—as a Woman

Both during and after my travels have I had conversations about traveling—a number of them with women, about traveling alone in foreign, very foreign, countries. If there was a single question…

Post from June 29, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

Travel Intelligence: Global Country Information for German Travelers

Traveling the world one inevitably runs into places one cannot simply enter. Other places one doesn’t want to simply enter. For purposes of tracking both I had, during my 18-month world trip, set up a special country intel sheet…

Post from June 22, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

The Random Jens

I started a video series. It’s an experiment. It’s silly and it’s serious. It’s mostly about philosophy. It’s entirely freestyle. And I have no idea where I’m going with this.

Post from June 15, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

On Conspiracy Theories

These days, many a serious inquiry into significant events leads to something marked a “conspiracy theory.” Use of the expression “conspiracy theory” has gone as far as to be used as a blanket dismissal of anything that matches neither…

Post from June 2, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

Modern Politics and the T-Word

There’s a word for the politics of Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, Stephen Harper, &c. It’s not neoliberalism. No, not economic imperialism. It has nothing to do with counter-terrorism, either. It’s—

Post from May 30, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

Germany, America: On Standing by When Your Country Is Murdering People

In Germany, there’s a recurring question about our past. “Why didn’t they do anything?” And we speculate why so many Germans appear to have stood by and looked on when the regime, other Germans killed millions of people…

Post from May 25, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

Web Standards: We’re F’ing It Up

It’s a problem to just change specs. But it’s an increasingly bigger problem not to clean and prune them. The intimidating complexity of web standard specs should precisely be a motivation, not a threat, to come up with a plan. It follows the populist version.

Post from May 18, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

A Vision of Web Development

There is one thing every web developer should aspire to: writing the most minimal, semantically appropriate, valid HTML, and then never changing it. “Never” not in a sense of denial and refusal, but in the sense of a guiding light…

Post from May 13, 2015, reflecting Jens the .

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Jens Oliver Meiert, photo of April 13, 2013.

Jens Oliver Meiert is a German author, philosopher, adventurer, artist, and web developer.

As a philosopher in spe Jens protests for the respect for life but still sharpens his profile through the focused study of philosophy, psychology, social sciences, politics, &c.

As an adventurer Jens explores all conceivable activities (100 Things I Learned as an Everyday Adventurer) and localities (until recently on his second world journey).

As an artist in spe Jens experiments with conventional and animated photography, technical curiosities, and performance art.

As a web developer Jens is specialized in complex international websites (Google), works on standards (W3C), and writes for technical publishers (O’Reilly, Webdesign mit CSS, The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks; On Web Development).

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