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CSS Optimization Basics

Buch vom 12. April 2018.

Alle E-Book-Formate, mit Updates, bei Leanpub.

Das geheime vierte »Little Book«, diesmal über die Optimierung von Stylesheets.

Very good book

… sagen Leser bei SitePoint.

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Are you unsure about your style sheets’ quality, or whether you’ve maxed out your options? CSS Optimization Basics covers the necessary mindsets, discusses the main optimization methods, and presents useful resources to write higher quality CSS.

👉 This is the book if you care about the craft of writing CSS, and enjoy optimizing style sheets.

The outline:

  • Introduction
    • Why Optimization Is Important
    • What’s Not Covered by Optimization
  • Development Mindsets
    • Do One Thing Really, Really Well
    • Know Your Needs
    • Stay in the Present
    • Keep It Simple
    • Automate
  • Operational Optimization
    • Understandability
    • Performance
    • Quality
    • Maintainability
  • Production Optimization
    • Performance
    • Output Control
  • Overview
    • Tools and References
  • Feedback
  • About the Author

Über mich

Gemäß Klappentext; beachten Sie gegebenenfalls weitere Angaben über mich:

Jens Oliver Meiert is a German web developer and author who has been a technical lead at companies like GMX and Google. He has written a few lightweight books about a variety of topics, notably quality web development. Online, he lives at Please say hello.

❧ Mit Dank an Tony Ruscoe, Markus Käding sowie alle potentiell Mitwirkenden, die die Fehler aufzeigen, die ich bei der Arbeit an diesem Buch gemacht und übersehen habe.

Cover: CSS Optimization Basics.
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