Jens Oliver Meiert

How to Work on Oneself

Buch vom 28. Mai 2016.

Eine Skizze zur selbstzweifelnden Selbstverbesserung (und ein Exempel des kompulsiven Autors).

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ISBN 978-0991148042


How can we learn more effectively, how can we best work on ourselves, how do we grow? That is the subject of this brief book, this short sketch by philosopher and world traveler Jens Oliver Meiert. A light treatise on personal growth, he goes over 20 paths to get to know ourselves, for “we are okay as we are, but we can always improve.”

Über den Autor

Gemäß Klappentext; beachten Sie gegebenenfalls aktuellere Angaben über Jens Oliver Meiert:

Jens Oliver Meiert is a German author, philosopher, adventurer, artist, and developer, sometimes all at once—and sometimes not at all. Jens, who has written seven or so non-bestselling books about a variety of topics (last: The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines), is currently studying philosophy and economics at the Universität Hamburg. He has in the past been a technical lead at companies like Google and GMX, traveled the world (18 countries on 5 continents in 2012, 48 countries on 6 continents from 2013–2015), and run a number of art-political campaigns (like: Endless Peace). Jens loves coffee, men’s fashion, and Werder Bremen. Online, he lives at

❧ Am Buch wirkte außerdem Sarah M. Tyrrell (Lektorin) mit.

Cover: How to Work on Oneself.

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