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HTML Concepts: Commands and Facets

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In the HTML concepts series I’m presenting lesser known ideas from the huge HTML specification. In this episode, let’s have a quick look at commands and facets.


Commands should be what you think they are. A command is defined as “the abstraction behind menu items, buttons, and links.” It’s what you issue when you interact with them, that is, click or press on either.



Facets are rarely mentioned anywhere; they are something a command has. There are the following facets:

❧ Commands are easy to work with, as they represent something actionable. Facets may be what you can now recall as something that specifies and gives information about a command. Review other concepts, and see you in a follow-up post of this series.

For the king is almost too lenient for his times and only orders such murders and executions as are for the public good, never for private pleasure—and his people grumble at the lack of entertainment.

Figure: No, not one of those commands. (Copyright King Features Syndicate, Inc., distr. Bulls.)

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