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Upgrade Your HTML III

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In 2019 there was Upgrade Your HTML, in 2020 there was Upgrade Your HTML II, and in 2021 there’s: Upgrade Your HTML III.

Like Upgrade Your HTML II said: If you care about HTML as a craft, if you consider yourself an HTML minimalist, if you believe in pushing for boundaries (and sometimes overdoing it), then this is a right book (and a right book series) for you—with 10 fresh examples from the field that get inspected and improved.

Format and Price Ebook (EPUB, MOBI, PDF), $7.99
Kindle ebook (free app for Android and iOS), $7.99
Extras Foreword by Jukka K. Korpela
Preview Select chapters (PDF, 309 KB)
Length 37 pages (PDF)
Language English
Sellers Amazon
Apple Books
Google Play Books
Version 1.1.4 (2022)

This book is part of a series: Explore Upgrade Your HTML at Amazon, Kobo, Google Play Books, and Leanpub.


The cover of “Upgrade Your HTML III.”

Upgrade Your HTML is the book series for HTML craftspeople and minimalists. It stands for everything that leads to more effective and efficient use of HTML.

In Upgrade Your HTML III, HTML and CSS optimizer Jens Oliver Meiert takes 10 additional HTML examples from real websites to analyze, explain, and improve the respective markup.

Apart from discussing the appropriate use and subtleties of HTML elements, this edition touches on code consistency, class use, bundler output, but also poem markup, link types,—and even declaration repetition.

[The purpose of the book is to] use judgement in adding ‘features’ into your code and even to reconsider what you might have used for no good reason, or for reasons that are no more valid.”—Jukka K. Korpela

→ This is the book if you enjoy the intricacies of working with HTML.

The outline:

  • Foreword
  • Intro
  • See the Forest for the Trees
  • Don’t Worry About Line Breaks
  • Use the i Element, and Use It Appropriately
  • Keep an Eye on the Output
  • Don’t Hide Outlines
  • Know the Link Types
  • Keep Your CSS DRY
  • Don’t Use Non-Standard Markup (Like nobr)
  • Use Consistent Spelling
  • Remember figure (and figcaption)
  • Outro
  • Feedback
  • About the Author
  • About Upgrade Your HTML III

All ebook formats, with updates, at Leanpub.

❧ I’m stoked and grateful about Jukka Korpela reviewing and contributing the foreword to this booklet; about Jad Joubran taking the time to review and give feedback as well; and about Kirsty MacRae for editing. Without you, this work wouldn’t have been nearly as solid as it is now. Thank you!

Enjoy the new part of the series: Upgrade Your HTML III!

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