Comment Guidelines

Comments on this site are encouraged and valued. Please keep three things in mind:

1. Prefer Real Names, Avoid Keyword Names

Comments signed with names that aim to please search engines will be removed. While links to organizations are usually respected, references to commercial websites should be used with care. I’m a nofollow opponent but this makes me pay extra attention to the links on this site.

2. Stay Polite and On-Topic

This should be a matter of course. Be polite, and focus on the topic. Comments that are rude or off-topic may be removed. However, while everyone’s encouraged to actually contribute, trivial posts may well attract trivial comments.

3. The Right to Modify Comments Is Reserved

No worries: Apart from the situations above, this pretty much only applies when markup or website URLs need to be corrected (nobody enjoys broken links), or when eventually, an entire post is deleted.

❧ Please note that I can’t notify about comments being modified or removed. I can’t because I intentionally don’t ask for email addresses—I want to make commenting easy and unobtrusive. But while talking about the cases in which I might edit comments: Feel free to drop me a line at any time if you want your comments to be changed or removed.