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The Craft of CSS

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How well does the craft of writing style sheets fare these days?

How much have we advanced from the natural way of writing CSS to a more optimized way?

How much have abstractions through tools and hiring of experience with abstractions affected our handling of CSS?

How well does anyone these days know CSS, when quite many years ago, we already noted how no one would even be able to keep track of changes?

How well do we understand and master CSS?

Each morning Val trains with the other knights in the palace courtyard. · The afternoons are spent much as handsome princes spend them everywhere.

Figure: Does the handsome web developer train their unabstracted craft in the mornings, too? (Copyright King Features Syndicate, Inc., distr. Bulls.)

Yet is the assumption at all valid, that understanding and mastering CSS should be important to us, as web developers?

That our craft could not change, or even obsolete itself?

Where do we and our craft stand?

You’ll know some of my convictions and recognize that I believe we aren’t in a particularly good spot. But where are we exactly?

I’ve joined sum.cumo and am making a few more tweaks to my life. I’m likely to stick with a lighter publishing schedule with as of yet unclear priorities when it comes to a continued focus on tech theory, or a return to more practical development concerns. As noted on Facebook, then, I’m well. Very much. 🙏

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