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Exactly: Code responsibly. And contribute if you like to.

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Jens Oliver Meiert, on April 29, 2020.

I’m Jens Oliver Meiert, and I’m an engineering manager and author. I’ve worked as a technical lead for Google, I’m close to the W3C and the WHATWG, and I write and review books for O’Reilly. Other than that, I love trying things, sometimes including philosophy, art, and adventure. Here on I share some of my views and experiences.

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  1. On October 9, 2008, 22:32 CEST, Dave said:

    I love the content, but I don’t know why you would code it the way you did.

  2. On October 9, 2008, 23:30 CEST, david said:

    […] I don’t know why you would code it the way you did.

    If you don’t mind my asking, Dave: What exactly do you mean by that? 😊

  3. On October 10, 2008, 0:06 CEST, Andrew Jaswa said:

    Great idea. Though is that color scheme usable and readable? Don’t get me wrong, I like the retro feel but if you are going for “Focus on accessibility.“. I’m not sure that is the best color choice.

  4. On October 10, 2008, 0:20 CEST, Duluoz said:

    Must I be subject to content that was parsed without validation? 😉

  5. On October 10, 2008, 3:44 CEST, Dennis Frank said:

    Jens, thanks for this appeal.

    Dave, it’s HTML5 and validates.

    Yes, You Can Use HTML 5

  6. On October 10, 2008, 8:39 CEST, Jens Oliver Meiert said:

    Dave, David, Dennis, thanks for sorting that out 😊 (It is valid, yes.)

    Andrew, it is not the best color choice, however, it made some kind of sense to go for a “terminal style” scheme, and yet I focused on contrast. It looks worse than it is.

    David (Duluoz), what do you mean? 😊

  7. On October 10, 2008, 9:51 CEST, Robert said:

    The devil is in the details, they say. You covered those nicely by using even the proper quoting style for both languages!

  8. On October 10, 2008, 9:57 CEST, MiSc said:

    Thanks for that. I just sent a stern mail to my boss stating exactly these points, few minutes ago.

  9. On October 10, 2008, 13:23 CEST, bruce said:

    V nice. What kind of contribution do you have in mind, Jens?

  10. On October 10, 2008, 18:05 CEST, pepelsbey said:

    Nice thoughts.
    Do you need one more translation? 😉
    It may help to spread the word. The same in Russian:
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Пишите ответственно_
    Воззвание к веб-разработчикам

    — Сконцентрируйтесь на обучении.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на доступности.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на производительности.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на семантике.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на валидации.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на простой поддержке.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на сотрудничестве.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на документации.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на качестве.
    — Сконцентрируйтесь на обучении.

    Донесите эти мысли до других. Как угодно.

    Проект «Пишите ответственно» представлен вам секретным «Клубом Летающих Стандартистов». И Йенсом.

    Это если по-русски. Есть и другие варианты: English, Deutsch.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  11. On October 11, 2008, 13:28 CEST, Jens Oliver Meiert said:

    Robert, of course, nice observation. 😊

    Bruce, thank you, and great to see you here! Any kind of contribution’s appreciated, like links, suggestions, translations, or badges.

    Вадим, awesome! I slightly changed the (footer) wording; would you mind following up by mail?

  12. On October 11, 2008, 16:23 CEST, bruce said:

    How about another bullet - like “use open standards” or “avoid proprietary formats”?

  13. On October 13, 2008, 9:42 CEST, cortex said:…

    poor. at least you have a tracer by google…


  14. On October 13, 2008, 22:27 CEST, cortex said:

    jens, so you are ahead of the times, that is ahead of the validator .-

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