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New Book: On Web Development

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I wrote another book. On Web Development. On Web Development is an ebook that collects most of the articles about web development (and web design) that I wrote between 2005 and 2015. Most articles as in most useful, most important, and also most controversial. Ordered, polished, and commented to make up for a few cents markup. If anything on helped anyone in the past, everyone buying this ebook helps me with my new projects.

Format Kindle ebook (free app for Android and iOS)
Price $5.99 U.S. and international
5.99 € Germany and rest of Europe
Extras Foreword by Tony Ruscoe
26 illustrations
Length 289 pages
Language English
ISBN 978-0-9911480-1-1

If, in an environment like this, you get your hands on a book some of whose texts are more than a decade old and it still makes you think and nod—well, than it’s probably one of those rare publications on web stuff that get a level above the technical minutiae and try to look at more basic and less volatile questions.

…say readers on


The cover of “On Web Development.”

On Web Development bundles 134 articles and the last 11 years of technical writings by Jens Oliver Meiert ( Freshly reordered and commented, the articles cover processes and maintenance, HTML and CSS, standards, as well as development and design in general; they range from coding basics and principles, to carefully scathing criticism, to tips and tricks and trivia.

👉 This is the book if you opt for convenient access to a Google tech lead’s early web development learnings and teachings.

The topics:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • On Web Development
    • Process
    • Maintenance
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Standards
    • Development
    • Design
    • This and That
  • Afterword
  • About the Author

❧ I’ve written On Web Development for three reasons. Most importantly, I’ve wanted to make my writings accessible in a more orderly, more compact fashion. Related, I’ve been also curious whether an article compilation in ebook format would be a useful complement to a seasoned blog (I had observed similar with LaBossiere’s A Philosopher’s Blog). Lastly, I’ve needed some sort of closure (which I hinted at in the book, and may elaborate on later).

Thanks go to a great many people, yet here I’ll emphasize my gratitude to who I call some of the most inspiring people I’ve learned from in my career—Joe Clark, Ian Hickson, Eric A. Meyer, Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman, Edward Tufte, and Anne van Kesteren—as well as the two who contributed to and helped the most getting On Web Development out of the door—Sarah M. Tyrrell and Tony Ruscoe. Thank you.

(Please have a look!)

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