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The Web Development Glossary (new edition just out) is now also available as a website—WebGlossary.info!

Like the book, the website is going to be updated regularly. (Because it is the source, it’s going to be the book, and not the website, which receives updates first.)

Find out more about the project on WebGlossary.info. The next batch of terms is already waiting to be added, but if you’re missing something else, spot a bug, or like to make a suggestion, please reach out in the forum. Thank you!

The all new WebGlossary.info.

I’m super-happy about this release. When in 2019, I started putting together the first version of the glossary, I was curious about what was then an experiment. (I mean, a glossary!) But now, a lot of work and a few years later, knowing what unique view and value a good glossary can offer to a field like ours, with so many neighbors, I decided to dial it all up with the book—and this website. Enjoy WebGlossary.info.

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