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Published on July 11, 2016 (↻ October 3, 2023), filed under (RSS feed for all categories).

If you don’t know what feeds are, how great they are to stay up-to-date, and how easy they are to use, see e.g. What is RSS? and How to use RSS. It’s not nearly as geeky as it may sound.

There are a number of ways to follow what I write on this website, from a very low volume newsletter for German publications to an enriched account on Google+. The most reliable and focused option, however, is to subscribe to one of this site’s RSS feeds.

A friend of simplicity I had long strictly offered a German and an English feed. At some point I offered a joint feed for those who are bilingual and interested in following all of what I wrote.

Things got more complicated since. Not only are there some niche sites I’m posting at—web development tools at UITest.com, travel animations at Animated Traffic, inconsequential décor at my j9t tumblog, for example—, but first and foremost there are very different topics I’m covering here alone.

As there’s some marked difference between web development and philosophy, my two main fields, I’ve looked into allowing people to pick their field of interest instead of being left to subscribe to everything. You get what I’m aiming at, so here’s a full list of feeds that you can subscribe to. Pick your poison Jens.

meiert.com Feeds

That’s all to say, if you don’t want philosophy, or don’t like coding, now you can opt out of it by following the topics you prefer reading me about. By the way, feeds are awesome, and I still dislike that we (always a Googler) had pulled the plug on Google Reader.

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About Me

Jens Oliver Meiert, on September 30, 2021.

I’m Jens (long: Jens Oliver Meiert), and I’m a frontend engineering leader and tech author/publisher. I’ve worked as a technical lead for companies like Google and as an engineering manager for companies like Miro, I’m close to W3C and WHATWG, and I write and review books for O’Reilly and Frontend Dogma.

I love trying things, not only in web development (and engineering management), but also in other areas like philosophy. Here on meiert.com I share some of my views and experiences.

If you want to do me a favor, interpret charitably (I speak three languages, and they can collide), yet be critical and give feedback for me to learn and improve. Thank you!