10 Photos II

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Some more of my EyeEm photos, published over the last few months, that have become others’ or probably my own favorites.

If you’re interested in acquiring appropriately licensed photos for just a small fee, most of these photos are available to purchase on EyeEm as well as through Getty.

grainy burj khalifa. · Dubai United Arab Emirates UAE skyscraper Architecture monument landmark iconic buildings Night Lights Night Photography black and white monochrome

Figure: Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

window with flowers. · Paris France Window shopping window view Plants Night Lights night time night Dim Light Winter

Figure: Somewhere in Paris.

metro station Lübecker Straße. · Hamburg germany Hamburg meine Perle ubahn ubahn hamburg Metro subway train station Emptiness VOID Urban geometry

Figure: Metro station LĂĽbecker StraĂźe, Hamburg.

red sky over varel. · germany friesland Frisia sky porn clouds and sky blood sky Cloud Porn red and blue urban landscape Silhouette light and shadow beauty in Nature Check this out

Figure: Somewhere over Varel.

The rosé (@EyeEm, what is this…). · flowers flower roses rose🌹 still life Life minimalism simplicity

Figure: A rose.

The Church tower. · Graz Austria churchtower Church churches Architecture night Night Lights Night Photography mystery distance minimalism

Figure: Somewhere in Graz.

Streets of Ljubljana. · Slovenia capital Road Architecture The White House urban landscape Urban geometry City Life still life ;)

Figure: Somewhere in Ljubljana.

venice. · italy Venezia Venice Canals canal boat Gondola water Water reflections Architecture Learn & Shoot: Leading Lines

Figure: Somewhere in Venice.

Piazza san marco, venice. · Venezia plaza Square Architecture history urban landscape Sightseeing People watching

Figure: Piazza San Marco, Venice.

Vatican conversations. · vatican city columns Going for a walk Wandering people talking seriousness silence EyeEm Best Shots ;)

Figure: Somewhere in the Vatican.

Then! I’m just, maybe unsurprisingly, an amateur photographer who’s still learning.

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