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Some of my favorite and most popular photos lately, on EyeEm.

I’m going to play a little with a photo series. Late actually, for I’ve moved the reminder to post some of my pictures, whether from EyeEm or A Dog A Day or Google+, for at least half a year. I’ve shared how I still want to learn.

clouds and their shadows. · light and shadow clouds and sky cloudporn Cloudy day from an airplane window from pretty high up

Figure: Somewhere over Australia.

The Sydney Opera House from afar. · sydney Opéra building Architecture pseudo-aerial sunny day clouds and sky Yeah

Figure: Sydney.

passing a bridge over no water. · new zealand landscape Nature Architecture sunny day blue sky Traveling

Figure: Somewhere in New Zealand.

Streets of Auckland. · evening Road street lights no traffic Urban nature city life on the move

Figure: Auckland.

busan at night. · South Korea city lights Night Lights Night Photography Darkness Water reflections sea beach

Figure: Busan.

The forest at dusk. · Trees Spooky Trees Hugging a tree sunset Alone in the dark — in Varel, Germany

Figure: Varel.

Frankfurt at night. · Frankfurt am Main Skyline Skyscrapers Architecture urban landscape Urban geometry Night Lights Nightphotography

Figure: Frankfurt.

The Bench. · Konstanz Lake Constance Trees Hugging a tree lake seaside winter day grey sky

Figure: Konstanz.

Zürich waterfront. · Architecture city planning urban landscape Urban geometry Water reflections reflections

Figure: Zürich.

clouds and Trees. · clouds and sky cloudporn Hugging a tree blue sky

Figure: Hamburg.

As I’m content with these photos, and as they’ve won a few favorable votes, all of them will eventually end up on sale at Getty, too.

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  1. On April 29, 2015, 8:45 CEST, Webmaster Matt said:

    Jens! great photos, Please share more. The second to last though is not Konstanz … 😊

  2. On April 29, 2015, 9:14 CEST, Jens Oliver Meiert said:

    Now it is 😉

    Corrected, thanks!

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