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The next part of the x-monthly series, here are again ten of my photographic favorites as of late. Of my own works, yes, even though on EyeEm I鈥檝e by now enjoyed around 8,000 photos of fellow photographers. The explorations that follow I still mostly publish on EyeEm (with two of the exceptions mentioned) and often sell on Getty.

looking through the Train window. 路 germany Schleswig-Holstein looking through window train train ride Nature landscape window window glass dirt and scratches dirt Glitch Glitch experiment true colors

Figure: On the train to Sylt (license-free on Unsplash).

Walk to the beach. 路 rantum sylt germany island playa Strand sand Pier Stairs nordsee sea ocean water waterfront clouds and sky gray personal favorite

Figure: On the road to nowhere (license-free on Unsplash).

pictures on a Wall. 路 Paris France Photos Images art design public display geometry City Life Walking around outdoors

Figure: A wall in Paris.

I don鈥檛 take selfies but when I do then in Posh restaurant washing rooms. 路 Hamburg germany 040 hh selfie That鈥檚 me That's me :) hi Mirror bathroom decoration lighting

Figure: A man in the mirror (a rare selfie).

The Cemetery. 路 Paris France Cemetery Photography graves gravestone Cross Trees behind the wall moon light lighting Night Lights night sky Night Photography Darkness eery spooky Unedited unfiltered

Figure: Night of the dead.

The way ahead. 路 Hamburg germany 040 hh Barmbek stadtpark park route Path lamp posts Lights city lights Night Lights at night Night Photography

Figure: The path.

crowd. 路 Hamburg germany 040 hh botschaft club Clubbing party party crowd party people people Dancing Dance electro Music culture entertainment City Life Night Lights light and shadow Silhouette Darkness Light

Figure: The crowd.

The Drip Bar. 路 Hamburg germany hh 040 drip bar dripbar drip bar hamburg bar alcohol booze ambiance Atmosphere light and shadow Silhouette Darkness black black and orange

Figure: The bar.

People at the bar. 路 Hamburg germany hh 040 bar At the bar Night Out alcohol pleasure enjoyment Adults Only Night life City Life lighting light and shadow Silhouette 鈥 in Hamburg, Germany

Figure: Night conversations (at the Mad Hatter).

Night tulips, aka when a night photo turns out badly beautiful. 路 Hamburg germany hh 040 Tulips tulips馃尫 Front Yard Urban nature Darkness Like a Painting light and shadow shadows night colors Night Photography 鈥 in Hamburg, Germany

Figure: Night tulips.

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