May 2019

3 Reasons Against Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are popular. Yet, they’re also a problem. They’re a problem that can be broken into three sub-problems, sub-problems that speak not only against the use of ad blockers but argue against their existence.

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Understanding Image Compression: Tooling and Context

Image compression plays an important role for performance optimization. It seems straightforward but is a little deceptive, however, because it consists not of one but two parts—and it’s usually lack of understanding of one part that causes problems.

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A Crime Called Favicon

16Ă—16, 30Ă—30, 32Ă—32, 48Ă—48, 57Ă—57, 60Ă—60, 64Ă—64, 70Ă—70, 72Ă—72, 76Ă—76, 90Ă—90, 96Ă—96, 114Ă—114, 120Ă—120, 128Ă—128, 144Ă—144, 150Ă—150, 152Ă—152, 160Ă—160, 167Ă—167, 180Ă—180, 192Ă—192, 195Ă—195, 196Ă—196, 228Ă—228, 256Ă—256, 270Ă—270, 310Ă—310, 558Ă—558.

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