Jens Oliver Meiert

November 2007

Meiert’s Law of Traffic Congestion

Meiert’s Law states that on motorways with a ban on passing on either side, driving on a passing lane while there is more than 4.167 times of speed (v in km/h) in meters room on the adjacent outer lane where ahead traffic participants drive at least v – 33.3% means traffic holdup and congestion.

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Choke Web Development Framework 1.0

After years of thorough research I may finally present the “Choke Web Development Framework 1.0,” Choke or CWDF in short. Choke is an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and future-proof platform for web design and development, and it includes everything you need to build great websites…

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Dark Days for Germany

Yesterday, on the historically significant November 9, the German government approved a law that requires telecommunications providers to retain all customer communication data for a period of six months, and allows authorities to gain access to stored communications…

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3 Great Learning Strategies for Generalists

“Lifelong learning” sounds like some sort of buzzword but it is necessary to develop and progress, and awesome to master. Mistakes are great, too, as they are accelerating the learning process, and this needs to be kept in mind…

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