October 2008

Thoughts on Disclaimers

Disclaimers are popular in Germany, both for websites and emails. Recently I came across the German Wikipedia article on disclaimers which talks about the topic in detail, and I could not but go for yet another “thoughts” post…

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An Exercise for Emerging CSS Experts: Avoid IDs and Classes

To gain more expertise with CSS, there’s a great bonus level: Try avoiding IDs and classes altogether. That’s right, write your markup without any IDs and classes.

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The Most Annoying Yet Most Important Task in Website Management

…is link checking. There are tools out there, en masse, but it’s annoying to run after professionals who neglect online basics or don’t know how to set up redirects—and with that waste other people’s time.

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meiert.com Survey Results

It’s one and a half months since I asked for your feedback on meiert.com, and I finally decided to publish some of the results. I also wanted to reply to some responses I got via the “comments and suggestions” field. First, however, I like to thank everyone…

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Code Responsibly


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Accessibility Heuristics

You can keep your accessibility knowledge sharp by internalizing heuristics and ground rules. Review the guidelines and rules provided by the W3C and IBM.

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Web Standards at Google

As an exception, I’m writing as a Googler here: At Google, we care about web standards. Officially, that’s no news, but given repeated criticism for the code of our pages, maybe it is.

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